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Inventory Make


An Inventory report is a detailed and accurate description of the contents, fixtured, decor and fittings.

Inventory involves a clerk visit to the property in order to compile a comprehensive report of the contents included in the tenancy. We will also take meter readings.

The Inventory thus forms the basis on which damage or dilapidation may be assessed at the end of a tenancy.

Without this report a landlord may have no legal entitlement in case of a dispute to make deductions from a tenants deposit at the end of the tenancy.


Check In

A Check-In report combined with an Inventory Make creates a report specific to a tenancy.

The Check-In examines the property on the day that the agreement begins. The report will note the condition of furniture and fittings. Meter readings will be noted and a photograph will be taken to guarantee accuracy.

The new tenants will be asked to sign for any keys they are given and we will walk the tenants through the property, highlighting any issues as we go.

Check Out

Once the report is completed and emailed to the Landlord, it is then for the Landlord to determine whether the tenants owe any monies for damage done to the property.

The Check Out will list any damage whatsoever, down to the smallest scratch. Meter readings will also be taken and the keys handed over to the clerk.

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